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LIMS evolution: Introduction of new services;
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Our service system is adapted to the requirements of the ISO 17025:2018 standard. We have certified our development and support system according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Oraculum LIMS
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    Oraculum LIMS Base
    The versatile, easy-to-use LIMS base system


      Even in a large laboratory environment, our new development is in place.

      Innovative developments are continuing

      Feedback from our customers is the most important indicator

      ISO 9001 introduced

      EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

      Changes in the support system
      We are launching a system for our contracted customers that meets the new requirements. - Information and support WEB page through the customer portal - Training materials with new technology - LIMS legal system changes - Risk mitigation of data channels - Customer gateway custom solutions - Update contracts - Track developments If you are our customer, please use the Customer Portal menu item!

      NAV compatible

      LIMS billing module
      With the LIMS invoicing module, you can issue an invoice directly, which you can also report to NAV. The issued invoice can thus be sent directly to the client in PDF format together with the report.

      OLIMS Mobile 3.1

      The new innovative mobile sampling module
      Has the mobile device already been usable by a sampler working in harsh environments?
      Our innovative solution takes advantage of all the current technical capabilities that today’s mobile devices allow, so we answer the question. Ask for our description!

      OLIMS WEB Customer Portal

      to the Customers of the Laboratory
      Our WEB development is available to customers of your laboratory from anywhere. It also provides GDPR requirements. Ask for our information in the Contact menu!


      Process and document management.
      An organic connection to our new Workflow system. Ask for our information!

      Sign up for our Webinar course!

      Recognizing one of the previous shortcomings of our support system, namely that our customers were not informed about new developments, opportunities, methods of use; we offer educational and training materials. If you are a customer, sign up through our Customer Portal!

      WORKFLOW 2.0

      New scalable solution.
      Our previous WORKFLOW solution provided a flexible WORKFLOW solution through filtering conditions. Our newly developed WORKFLOW solution can be configured for hierarchical processes, persons, groups, objects. Ask for our information!

      Instrument Fitting Catalog

      With the help of our instrument catalog, the previously integrated instrument interfaces will be available to our customers, helping to expand the electronic management of the laboratory.

      Proficiency Testing System

      Our proficiency testing system covers the entire administration:
      - Circular editor to support your organization
      Solutions that support certification
      Automatic certificate and report generation
      Warehouse Management

      Education Diary

      The Education Diary takes over the administration of laboratory training / further training. Administer the existence of trainings, relate to measurement methods, warn of deficiencies, is the most appropriate support tool for quality assurance.

      EN ISO Register

      The catalog of measurement methods used in our systems sends a signal to the person(s) assigned to the measurement method in case of modification or revocation of the relevant measurement method. Ask for our description in the contact menu!

      Data Connection

      The exchange of measurement results between laboratories is solved in several formats and on several data link layers. Industry electronic reports are kept up to date.
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